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Articles by Stephen Macchia
  • 5 Traits of A Health Team: How Does Your Team Rate?
    Best Christian Workplaces Institute, Al Lopus, Mar. 21, 2017
  • How To Become a Spiritually Vibrant Leader
    Best Christian Workplaces Institute, Al Lopus, Mar. 27, 2017
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  • All Work And No Rest The Plight of Ministry Leaders, Circa 2016
    Conversations Journal Online – May 2016
  • Boomers Befriending Millennials
    Conversations Journal, Volume 13:2 Fall/Winder 2015,(pp. 30-34)
  • Rest for the Soul
    Outcomes Magazine (Christian Leadership Alliance), Fall 2014
  • Crafting a Rule of Life and Love
    The Fellowship of Presbyterians, Summer 2014
  • Building Disciples of Jesus
    Contact Magazine (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), Summer 2014
  • Boston Strong: When Fear Grips The Heart Of A City
    Conversations Journal, Preview Issue 11:2 Fall/Winder 2013, (pp. 38-42)
  • The Marks of a Thriving Pastor: A Lifelong Learner.
    Focus on the Family's "Thriving Pastor Connection," Dec. 12, 2011
  • The Rhythms of Life: Rest
    The Pastor's Weekly (www.parsonage.org), Vol. 19, No. 36, Spring 2011
  • Restoring Leaders' Souls
    Outcomes Magazine (Christian Leadership Alliance), Spring 2011, (p. 28)
  • Our Students: Becoming Beloved Disciples of Jesus
    Contact Magazine (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), Summer 2010
  • Soul Care for Leaders
    Outcomes, Summer 2010, (p. 38)
  • The Healthy Church: Church Life: By Convenience, Contract or Covenant?
    Church Executive Magazine, April 2008, (pp. 34-35)
  • Top 10 Ways to Fail as a Team Leader
    Rev! Magazine, March/April 2008, (coauthored with Rick Anderson)
  • Graced in Silence: Gifts From a Monastic Community
    Conversations Journal, Volume 5:2 Fall/Winder 2007, (pp. 38-42)
  • The Healthy Church: Leadership Requires the Ability to 'Be Quick to Listen'
    Church Executive Magazine, October 2007, (pp. 42-44)
  • The Values of Taking the Pulse of the Congregation
    Church Executive Magazine, July 2007, (pp. 70-71)
  • Spiritual Formation and the Pastor: A Vision for Shortening the Distance between the Pulpit and the Pew
    Conversations Journal, Volume 5:1 Spring 2007
  • Author of daily devotionals published by Words of Hope
    Grand Rapids, Michigan (www.woh.org)
  • 10 devotionals on Becoming a Healthy Disciple
    January 2005
  • 21 devotionals on the portraits of Christ found in the gospel of John
    August 2005
  • Becoming a Healthy Church
    Enrichment Journal, March 2002
  • When Our Vision Gets Blurred
    Decision Magazine, October 1994
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  • Experience Refreshing Rest
    Conversations Journal Online – May 2016
Articles by Jeremy Stefano
  • Jesus Lord of the Sabbath
    Conversations Journal Online – May 2016
"God loves each and every one of us with depth, persistence and intensity beyond imagination. God doesn't simply like you. Nor does God simply have warm senitmental feelings toward you just because you were created in the Divine image. The truth is that God loves you with what Hannah Hurnard calls 'a passionate absorbed interest.' God cannot help seeing you through the eyes of love."

-- David Benner

"The root idea of Sabbath is simple as rain falling, basic as breathing. It's that all living things--and many nonliving things too--thrive only by an ample measure of stillness."

-- Mark Buchanan

"Christian ministry is more than doing good. Ministry is an act of service performed either consciously or unconsciously in the name of Christ. Minsitry is Jesus Christ expressing his life through us. It is born, therefore, not in activity; but in solitude, where through the Spirit we experience the power of life from within."

-- James C. Fenhagen