About the Leadership Transformations Logo

The process to the new brand mark for LTI

Leadership Transformations Logo

In order to represent the brand character and attributes accurately, we looked at imagery that evokes both a sense of illumination and ancient tradition and are inspired by stained glass and other architectural elements associated with ancient faith traditions. our goals were essentially to represent the ancient and monastic practices of LTI in a contemporary way (as opposed to using cliched religious symbols); and represent the concept of illumination. The new mark illustrates the stained glass window in a clean, contemporary way by using one, equal-weight line to create the symbol. Added to the edges are elements of the monastic cross, with the trinity squarely at the center--which reflects the role of God within everything that LTI does. The new LTI font feels distinctly ancient and contemporary at the same time representing both a richness of faith and a relevance in today's culture.

Creating the Sub-brand marks

Emmaus Logo
Selah Logo

For each logo we represented the core of each program in the same single-line stained-glass style as the LTI mark using imagery that came out of the brand research while also leveraging imagery that existed before. For Emmaus we used the imagery of a road leading to the horizon to represent both the biblical imagery as well as the strong direction these leadership communities provide. The earthy color serves to represent the dynamic aspect of these groups while also tying it to the representation of the road itself.

For Selah we chose the calm representation of a tree and the color green which has also been the informal logo for the program in the past. Because CHAT is the only program that exclusively works with churches we chose to illustrate the iconic image of a classic church. Because blue is commonly associated with health and it already happens to be a color in the existing CHAT brand palette we chose to not divert to far when selecting the color for this mark.

Special thanks to the gifted team at Fixer Creative for taking us through this process!

"It seems that wherever I go these days I hear about the ministry of Leadership Transformations. You are touching the lives of so many leaders and doing a ministry that has long been needed in Christian Circles. It is very obvious that God has anointed all that you do. My thanks to all of you for serving and sacrificing for the spiritual health of the Body. I hope our paths will cross again soon."

Bill Hybels
Senior Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church

"I've found in my 21 years of ministry many resources that sharpen me, a few that deepen me, but very few that do both. Leadership Transformations does both. It is a rare treasure and a great gift. Any church leader who uses LTI's services will be wiser and richer for it."

Mark Buchanan
Pastor and Author of The Rest of God and Spiritual Rhythm