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Selah: Spiritual Direction Training

Our Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction is Trinitarian in theology, contemplative in style, and Biblical in grounding. We believe that the skills necessary to attentive listening are learned best in attentive space--away from the busyness and distractions of daily responsibilities. Hence Selah is designed around 5 residential retreats (near Boston) over a two-year period, each of 3-4 days/nights in duration. Applications are accepted each spring for fall enrollment. Space is limited.

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Emmaus: Certificate in Formational Leadership

Our Emmaus Certificate Program in Formational Leadership is a community of spiritual leaders who are actively seeking to grow in their personal life with God and to be equipped to serve and lead from a place of abiding in Christ. In this two-year cohort-based certificate program, leaders gather together on six retreats of 3 days each. Applications are accepted each spring for fall enrollment. Two locations offered: Emmaus-MA (Boston area) and Emmaus TX (Houston area). Space is limited.
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Pierce Center for Disciple-Building

Deepening the Roots of Tomorrow's Christian Leaders

As a result of the unique relationship we have with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, we have the privilege of investing in the lives of students while they are at seminary through the Pierce Center for Disciple-Building. We encourage Gordon-Conwell students to engage in intentional spiritual formation:  increasing in intimacy with Jesus Christ and maturing in Christ-like character and conduct in the context of a loving Christian community (e.g. through habits of the heart/spiritual disciplines of the Word, prayer and reflection; one-to-one discipling relationships; retreats; etc.) Each year, Pierce Fellows lead spiritual formation groups committed to growing together in Christlikeness.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's Pierce Center for Disciple-Building

Soul Care Retreats and Soul Sabbaths

"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." -- Jesus

What is the state of your soul? And we don't mean saved vs. unsaved! We mean, how are you really doing at a soul level? Is your soul weary, energetic, depleted, vibrant, dry, distracted, or battered? Most likely your soul — similar to so many other leaders in church and parachurch ministry settings — is the most neglected aspect of your life! There are so many options to fill our days and we are running fast, working hard, addicted to noise and activity, and as a result we rarely stop to even consider the state of our soul — or how those around us are doing at a heart and soul level. Centered around three core spiritual disciplines of contemplative bible reading, prayer, and reflection, the purpose of a soul care retreat is to tend to and declutter our internal space.
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Spiritual Health Assessments

Listening leaders are discerning leaders ...

An assessment is essentially a listening exercise.  Listening is a critical leadership skill.  Leaders who listen frequently and effectively have the information at hand when it's time to make decisions.  We offer a church survey called "CHAT" that integrates the Great Commandment (love God), the Second Great Commandment (love others) and the Great Commission (missions & evangelism).  We also offer a family survey in collaboration with Focus on the Family which measures the Health, Legacy, and Impact of the family units within a church. 

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Spiritual Discernment for Teams

Specialized consultation services for church and ministry teams incorporating spiritual discernment into visionary planning and strategy.

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Sabbatical Planning

Listening leaders are discerning leaders ...

An intentional process, customized to the individual, aimed at making the most of a truly life-giving, restful, and renewing experience.  

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Spiritual Formation Resources

  • Our Store - books, CD's, event registration, and downloadable PDF retreat guides and reflective readings
  • Published articles - articles written by LTI staff published in various journals, magazines and online sources
  • Bibliography - compilation of other recommended spiritual formation resources

Timothy Khoo Testimonial "As we enter a season of significant change at Prison Fellowship International, beginning our critical encounter with a retreat brilliantly facilitated by LTI, was a gift from God to enable us to journey into the following days of listening intently to Him and to each other."

Timothy Khoo
President/CEO, Prison Fellowship International, VA

"Being part of a Spiritual Leadership Community has been a wonderful experience. Our directed study, retreats and discussions have been enlightening and an inspiration to share with my home church and bible studies. I'm grateful to LTI for offering such a rich environment for spiritual growth."

Susan DiCamillo
Elder, Redeemer Community Church, MA

Jim Quigley – Pierce Center Fellow.

"The Pierce Center has been for me the fulfillment of God's promise to the prophet Jeremiah, "I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish." (Jer. 31.25) The Pierce Center gave me the time, the freedom, and the grace to be vulnerable with God and with others. I've shared things I never thought I would say to another human being because I felt safe and loved. I am deeply indebted to Steve Macchia for being a spiritual director to me. Steve has taught me how to listen with sincerity, something surprisingly rare in modern Christian leadership. The Pierce Center also introduced me to a wealth of beauty and truth found in the writings of the early Church Fathers, and the necessity for a Rule of Life. This weary soul is regularly satisfied by the Pierce Center, and I thank God for that."

Brice Williams
Pastor, South End Neighborhood Church
Boston, MA

"The LTI Soul Care Retreat was one of the most spiritually rich experiences we have had as a staff. Each of us encountered the Lord in a personal way, and at the same time we experienced His work in us as a community. We will worship and work differently as a result of those two days."

Bryan Wilkerson
Senior Pastor, Grace Chapel, MA