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Sabbatical Planning and Coaching

Coming alongside to help you prepare for a rare opportunity

A sabbatical is an amazing opportunity. Make the most of it! Keep in mind that the word Sabbatical comes from Sabbath - so your time should be restful above all else. It's amazing how quickly we default to some other form of productivity even when we try to rest. We can help you craft an intentional process, customized to you, aimed at making the most of a truly life-giving, restful, and renewing experience. Consider the options below and contact us today to get started.

Option 1  (2 sessions @ $50/ea.)
Session One

  • Getting acquainted
  • What are you looking for in a Sabbatical?
  • Focusing on issues related to “before going on a sabbatical”
  • Significant articles related to taking a Sabbatical designed for you and for your board/governing body.
  • Beginning to look the model of 5 essential aspects of taking a Sabbatical
  • Home work related to developing a plan for your Sabbatical
Session Two

  • Discussion of home work related to your plan for a Sabbatical
  • Continuing to look at the model of 5 essential aspects of taking a Sabbatical
  • Discussing important issues related to post Sabbatical and how they impact your ongoing life
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Option 2
Session One & Session Two as listed above (pay for Option 1 first), plus additional "check-ins" throughout your sabbatical

One of the comments we have heard from people who have taken a Sabbatical is:  “I wish I could have processed with someone what I was experiencing while on Sabbatical.” You may desire to process the thoughts/feelings/issues that come to mind and heart while on your Sabbatical.  Option two enables you to have continuing contact with your Sabbatical Coach who is also a Spiritual Director.  We can develop a plan that fits your need and gives you as many opportunities as your desire to process what is happening in your heart and mind while on Sabbatical.  We can also discuss with you the significance of taking a silent retreat while on Sabbatical and processing that time with your Coach/Spiritual Director.

Pay for a check-in session
Do-It-Yourself Resources

Interested in getting away for a day on silent retreat but don't know what to do or how to structure the time? Check out these downloadable retreat resources that will help you make the most of a half-day or full-day retreat on your own or with your team.

How Can We Help You?

Can we come alongside you as you consider planning your sabbatical? It would be our privilege. Contact us at (877) TEAM LTI to discover how LTI can help you discern God's unique invitation for your time away.

Mark Johnson Testimonial "LTI helped me plan a sabbatical that was just what I needed. They helped me plan out my time to ensure restful spaciousness, prayerful reflection, and insightful resources to guide me forward. What resulted was a life transforming experience that has reaped fruit in my heart and life ever since. I am truly grateful.

Mark Johnson

"Spiritual discernment asks us to pay attention. We need to attend to both what goes on around us and within us. Ideally, this attentiveness goes on much of the time, a sort of low level, constant spiritual shifting of the data of our experience. But there are times when discernment becomes much more focused, when a crossroad is reached or a choice called for. At times like these the cumulative wisdom of tradition tells us to pay attention on many levels: to consult Scripture, to seek the advice of trusted advisors, to heed the collective sense of the faithful, to read widely and deeply the best ancient and contemporary thinking, to pray, to attend to the prick of conscience and to the yearnings and dreaming of our hearts, to watch, to wait, to listen."

-- Wendy Wright