Leadership Transformations, What We Offer

Spiritual Discernment for Teams

At Leadership Transformations, we recognize that every ministry team is unique...in their design, setting, approach, and objective. As a result, when LTI comes alongside leadership teams in a variety of settings - in local churches, parachurch ministries, mission agencies, schools, etc. - we bring our own unique design, approach and objective for spiritual discernment processes, and align our resources to each team we serve. We have templates to offer, and a plethora of helpful tools to use, but it's never the same process per setting...all due to our desire to listen attentively to each team's unique needs. We have seen over and over again that spiritual discernment for teams must be preceded and accompanied by how well we as leaders prayerfully discern the presence and power of God. Therefore, LTI is fully equipped to facilitate team retreats and discussions around growth in personal discernment, with the conviction that how well we discern in our individual "prayer closets" affects how we will discern around board and leadership tables. If you're interested in learning more about how we can serve your team, be sure to contact us and we'll commence the experience together!

Do-It-Yourself Resources

Interested in getting away for a day on silent retreat but don't know what to do or how to structure the time? Check out these downloadable retreat resources that will help you make the most of a half-day or full-day retreat on your own or with your team.

How Can We Help You?

Can we come alongside your team in a season of discernment? It would be our privilege. Contact us at (877) TEAM LTI to discover how LTI can help you and your team discern God's unique will together.

David Sharpes Testimonial "Of the several church consultation groups I have worked with, Leadership Transformations was the one who didn't just point us to effective and Biblical strategies, but continually centered our processes on listening to the voice of the Spirit for our local church planning. Our leadership team learned the importance of coming to our planning meetings out of their prayer closet. We take time in our process to truly begin each session by listening to the Spirit speak to us together as the people of God (through Lectio Divina). I would not just recommend, but encourage using their team for your strategic work."

Dr. David Sharpes, Lead Pastor
College Church of the Nazarene, Olathe, KS

Jack Daniel Testimonial "LTI has been such a skillful guide for us.  I compare you to some of the skillful and wise fishing guides I have used over the years. They begin with a good plan in mind but are open to improvising as the need arises.  They give you a sense of confidence in strange, unfamiliar territory. They lead you through dense underbrush and rocky ground.  They bring you over faint trails, barely perceptible. The path goes through seemingly interminable dark, forest cover but eventually out to the bright sky of the river opening where unspeakable beauty and light are found.  Then with all of the skill in one’s possession we cast our lines and strive for the goal of our journey- the possession of the knowledge of God’s love.  And now when this part of the journey is done, we remember it all, every rough and smooth place and the joy of the companionship on the trail, the passion of the quest and our thankfulness to the Great Guide for our success."

Jack Daniel
Free Christian Church, Andover, MA

"Spiritual discernment asks us to pay attention. We need to attend to both what goes on around us and within us. Ideally, this attentiveness goes on much of the time, a sort of low level, constant spiritual shifting of the data of our experience. But there are times when discernment becomes much more focused, when a crossroad is reached or a choice called for. At times like these the cumulative wisdom of tradition tells us to pay attention on many levels: to consult Scripture, to seek the advice of trusted advisors, to heed the collective sense of the faithful, to read widely and deeply the best ancient and contemporary thinking, to pray, to attend to the prick of conscience and to the yearnings and dreaming of our hearts, to watch, to wait, to listen."

-- Wendy Wright