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What Others Are Saying...
"The Soul Care Retreat was a huge 'I love you!' from our heavenly Father. It was an especially precious gift to me as a pastor--24 hours set aside to seek the Father's heart in gently guided silence and solitude. And the location - wow! Beautiful grounds, sacred space--the perfect setting in which to answer God's call to 'be still and know that I am God.' The whole focus of the retreat was to be still, to quiet our souls in order to listen to the Holy Spirit, and to be encouraged to pursue a rhythm of life that incorporates contemplation as prerequisite to mission. I heard from God during this time!"

Pastor in attendance at Soul Care Retreat

"Spiritual direction takes place when two people agree to give their full attention to what God is doing in one (or both) of their lives and seek to respond in faith ... whether planned or unplanned, three convictions underpin these meetings: (1) God is always doing something: an active grace is shaping this life into a mature salvation; (2) responding to God is not sheer guesswork: the Christian community has acquired wisdom through the centuries that provides guidance; and (3) each soul is unique: no wisdom can simply be applied without discerning the particulars of this life, this situation."

-- Eugene Peterson