About Leadership Transformations

Testimonies of Transformation

Dan VanHorne
Associate Pastor | Middleton Congregational Church

Dan VanHorne shares about his Emmaus journey in this short video. For more information about Emmaus or to apply for this Fall's retreat-based leadership community, visit http://www.leadershiptransformations.org/emmaus.htm.

Vitale Fedula
Senior Pastor of Jesus Savior Church

If you’d like to make an online donation to the ministry of Leadership Transformations, Inc. (LTI), click here: leadershiptransformations.org/donate.htm. Every gift matters and we are grateful for your support! For more on the ministry of LTI visit www.leadershiptransformations.org. Please join our mailing list on the homepage and let’s stay in touch. We hope you will check out other testimonies at vimeo.com/leadershiptrans.

Tom Flanders
District Superintendent | Christian & Missionary Alliance

Shawn Woo

"I've found in my 21 years of ministry many resources that sharpen me, a few that deepen me, but very few that do both. Leadership Transformations does both. It is a rare treasure and a great gift. Any church leader who uses LTI's services will be wiser and richer for it."

Mark Buchanan
Pastor and Author of The Rest of God and Spiritual Rhythm

"I thank God for the good work of Steve Macchia and Leadership Transformations. May it be used for the good of many in the work of the kingdom of God."

Richard Foster
Best-selling Author
Founder of Renovare

"I still remember the first time my husband Jeff and I nervously sat in Steve's office, in the summer of 1991. Since that first conversation, I have experienced Steve's ministry as one consistently marked by warm hospitality, soul-level challenge, a ready laugh, and strategic concern for Jesus' bride. LTI's team moves with care, wisdom, and effectiveness into the most important realms--the leader's soul, and the leader's team. Thanks for giving, and for leading, so generously."

Mindy Caliguire
Author and Founder of SoulCare

"LTI through its Godly leadership in Dr. Steve Macchia has come alongside teams and leaders without gimmicks or 'how to's.' Instead this ministry takes us deeper rather than spreading us shallower. How much Christian leadership today is longing for this depth. LTI will guide you there. I've seen this first hand."

Barry H. Corey
Biola University